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I’ve found a very useful website that may help you teach vocabulary. You may be a student, a teacher or a parent. It is a fun online study program for students, or an assistant to you for your children’s homework. And if you are a teacher, it offers you the features below:

·     Upload word lists one week at a time or for the whole year

·     Customize sentences

·     Share and import lists

·     Teach spelling, vocabulary and word meaning with interactive games

·     Print worksheets to practice handwriting, spelling and vocabulary

·     Print spelling lists and games

·     Give practice and final spelling tests

·     Automatically grade, record and save your students’ test scores (available with Premium Membership)

·     Print all of your students’ spelling tests at once (available with Premium Membership)

·     Access our extensive list of resources for teachers, including compound words, sight/Dolch words, literature-based word lists , sound-alike words and much more.

·     Send home letters (in English and Spanish) to parents explaining how to use SpellingCity


Though it requires premium membership for many features, VocabularySpellingCity seems worthwhile. :)


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